A Job Hunt Memory

Before entering the world of content development and marketing, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. Even interned at the New York State Crime Victims Board and State Attorney General’s office as an undergrad. Wish I was taking photos back in those days. After working a stint as a contract administrator for a large software company, right out of college, I was miserable. And started job hunting – and believe or not I was faxing my cover letter and resume in most days.

Meeting of the Minds

I focused on finding a legal assistant job, thinking I would get hands-on experience and then go to law school (don’t know if that is even how it works, but in my 22-year-old head I thought that was a path.) Can’t remember the name of the firm but it was in midtown Manhattan and focused on personal injusry. After a grueling, uncomfortable interview (though I think I held my own) the lawyer I interviewed with asked: “You a baseball fan?” Yes, I replied.
“Yankees or Mets?”
I didn’t miss a beat and said: Mets. He glared at me.
“Well, that is going to be a problem. That can really affect whether or not you will be seriously considered for a job here.” It wasn’t a joke. All I remember thinking was: is this guy for real?
AND I should mail him a Mr. Met bobblehead AFTER getting the heck out of there. Don’t even know why this memory popped in my head today,  but have you ever had an experience like that?

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